Last week I mentioned that my album will be inspired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and I thought I'd try to this week write some words explaining what I mean by that. 

I feel like I write my best music when I have a strong sense of purpose and intention behind what I'm doing.  I really need a focal point and something that I want to get across through my music.  New York City is such an incredible city with so much stimulus it's overwhelming, and for a while I knew I wanted to write an album somehow connected to the city, but I wasn't sure how to anchor it.  It was probably on my third or fourth trip to the MET that I realised how much I loved the MET, and how much it meant to me to be there, and that is when I decided to write my album about that museum.  

So how will I do it?  I've decided to photograph about a dozen or so artworks on display at the MET.  My husband Greg will be writing software that is going to convert those images into sounds, and I'm going to use those sounds as the basis for different pieces.  So each piece is going to have a direct relationship with a specific artwork.  

Greg has started writing the program, and I'm deciding on what images I want to start with, so it's all starting to happen!

The MET (photo credit: Greg)