An update!

Wow, I've completely neglected to update the blog here, and yet sooo much has happened since my last post back in June!

Firstly, I gave birth to my second daughter in September, which was tremendously exciting but also came after a pretty stressful ending to my pregnancy which saw me on hospital bed rest for around 5 weeks, and my daughter being born 5 weeks preemie.  Both my daughter an I are doing great now, and happy to put all that behind us.  

Secondly, I was honored and privileged to have collaborated with Valeria Gonzalez and the Valleto dance company to write and produce a dance score to their evening length work "SOS" which premiered on 11 November at the Agnes Varis Performing Arts Center.  I somehow managed to write 70 minutes of music from my hospital bed, and then when I was back at home looking after a newborn.  I'll be releasing an EP of select pieces from "SOS" shortly, so stay tuned!

So with all that past me, I'm very excited to get back into writing this album!!