Hartigan, Untitled

I've been sitting on this track for a long time trying to make it work.  Although I instinctively wanted to write a solo piano piece, I kept trying to make it more complicated than it needed to be.  Since I've come back to this album after a few months break with fresh ears, it's funny how easy it is to hear this as a solo piano piece, and fully commit to that. 

The truth is also, that the midi file Greg gave to me after analysing and processing the original image was so strikingly beautiful, that in the end I've done very very little to it to create this piece.  

Here is Grace Hartigan's untitled painting:

And here is Greg's analysis of how he analysed the image:

This algorithm essentially emulates raindrops falling onto the image. Each “rain drop” falls in a random location, growing outwards as a circle. The growing circle creates a broken chord based on the colors the growing circle touches.

Here are the specifics of the algorithm:

  Expanding Circles Processing Algorithm

  1. Generate a random ordering of all the (x,y) co-ordinates in the image. These co-ordinates form the center points of circles.

  2. For each of these center points, generate increasingly larger concentric circles up to a maximum circle radius of eight pixels. Each circle grows by a radius of one pixel. This gives a group of eight circles per center point, each larger than the previous.

  3. Transform each center point into a broken chord by transforming each circle for that center point into a note, based on the colors the growing circle touches.  This is done by summing the RGB values of each circle circumference, which is something I have discussed in previous blog posts.  Each RGB value is “assigned” a note based on the C major scale.  

And back to me now.  Here's the first minute or so of the track: