Pape, Picture 1953

This track has been in the works forever! It was one of the things I was working on in hospital when I was stuck in there last August, and a couple of nights ago I finally had the breakthrough I needed to get it finished.  

I saw this painting by Lygia Pape last year at a retrospective exhibit for her at the Met Breuer and was immediately taken with it.  

Greg's explanation of what he did is below:

"This algorithm requires some human "pre-processing" before being applied. Looking at the Pape we can see that the image has some implied "lines" or "paths". I traced each of these paths in a different color (see image below).

The algorithm works by looking at each of these paths - it uses the different colors to distinguish each path - and generates a melody based on the height of the path in the image; the higher the path in the image, the higher the note in the melody. This generates a number of overlapping melodies, one per path, that start and end at different points in time. "


The midi file Greg gave me looked like a lot of disjointed samples, each representing a line from the painting.  Here's a sample of some (but not all) of the midi file:

Screen Shot 2018-03-10 at 4.46.03 PM.png

It took forever to try to navigate how I was going to turn this into a piece of music, and the track went through a lot of iterations.  In the end I chose some "lines" from the painting and assigned sounds to them whilst also writing an over-arching theme.  Here's an audio sample of the finished track: