New EP: "SOS"

I spent much of the later part of last year not only working on my album Metropolitan, but also working on an evening length dance score in collaboration with the wonderful, New York based Valleto Dance Company and their Artistic Director Valeria Gonzalez for their upcoming Season 4 production, "SOS".  

Despite a number of complications at my end (namely being hospitalized and on bed rest for 5 weeks before the birth of my second daughter), we managed to put together a dance performance that I was really proud of, and that premiered at Gibney Dance in New York City.  

I have now decided to release some of the music from "SOS" as an EP through Self Center Records.  The EP will be released on 16 February 2017, but pre-orders are available now!

Piano Day 2017

In celebration of Piano Day, I have released a track called "Silhouette" through 1631 Recordings, which is being featured as part of a fantastic piano compilation called "Piano Cloud Series - Volume 3".  You can stream/purchase "Silhouette" through the BandCamp link below.  

New EP: Lunar

Exciting news, I have a new EP out today through Seattle based Self Center Records!  This EP was inspired by space exploration, and incorporates NASA audio samples in each track. 

"Like a great sci-fi novella, Lunar is both compact and epic at the same time, a grand adventure inspired by and including NASA sound samples with a wonderfully retro futuristic vibe richly constructed from layers of whooshing and oscillating synthesizers and propelled by a cinematic sense of narrative. In the space of these five tracks, Cocolas evokes both the wonder d haunting isolation of humankind’s tentative and intrepid explorations of the solar system." (Stationary Travels, 17 February 2017)

The EP is available for streaming and purchase via the Bandcamp Link below (click on the title 'Lunar' to be redirected to the BandCamp site):

New Single: Stalactite

I was honored to be recently asked to contribute a track to a new collaborative and evolving album in conjunction with the record labels Bigo & Twigetti and Moderna Records.  The album started with Leah Kardos' piece 'Little Phase', which I have reworked and interpreted into a new piece 'Stalactite', which will then go on to the next compose to rework, and so forth.

'Stalactite' is currently available to stream/purchase via Bandcamp  by clicking on the image below, as will all other pieces on the album as they are made available.    



New Single: Vermillion

A short while ago, the UK based label Bigo & Twigetti (with whom I have released the singles "My Winter Eyes" and"Hana") asked me to write a track loosely based on Summer for their Summer Compilation album, which I am pleased to say has now be released!

You can stream my track and purchase the album by clicking the image link below:


I have recently been collaborating with Seattle based choreographer Angelica DeLashmette on a dance piece entitled "Being." which is being performed at Velocity Dance Center in Seattle on 1-2 April.  Angelica's choreography is mesmerizing and her piece explores the concepts of eternal beings and timelessness.  You can stream the performance at the link below:

Humans of New York

Well, this obviously has nothing to do with music, but I had to post it anyway, as I was just featured on the blog 'Humans Of New York' which happens to be one of my favorite blogs ever!  Brandon from HONY took this photo of me and my daughter at the Easter Bonnet Parade in NYC over the weekend, and I was soooo excited (as you can see!)!

Photo taken by Brandon Stanton for Humans Of New York

Cascadia: second inversion's album of the week

The wonderful radio station second inversion is featuring Cascadia as album of the week this week!  To say I'm excited is a fairly massive understatement!  Maggie Molloy from Second Inversion took the time to interview me and has written a wonderful review of Cascadia and my Fifty-Two Weeks project which you can see at the link below:


Cascadia Album

I'm thrilled to announce my debut album Cascadia will be release through the label Futuresequence on 8 December, with clear vinyl coming around 11 January!  This album has been a long time coming, and is a refinement of material I composed as part of my '52 Weeks' Project, together with a couple of new tracks. 

Pre-orders are available now through

The Birds: Live Score

A while back (in fact, a year ago!), I was invited by the Northwest Film Forum to be part of their excellent series called "Puget Soundtrack", whereby they invite musicians to live score a film of their choosing.  Of course I jumped at the chance, and it wasn't too long before I'd settled on Hitchcock's classic "The Birds".  I had the opportunity to perform my live original score against a filming of "The Birds" last Thursday at the Northwest Film Forum, and it was fantastically fun!


After our first successful collaboration, I have again teamed up with Australian based textile artist Monique Van Nieuwland for her exhibition entitled "Ocean Forest" which will be presented at Sturt Gallery.

Similar to our last collaboration, Monique has used found objects collected from beaches (such as discarded plastic bags and fishing lines) to create beautiful large scale textile pieces.  Monique recorded the sounds of her weaving those objects, and using those sounds, I created a number of ocean 'sound vignettes' which will accompany her textile pieces in the gallery.