New EP: Lunar

Exciting news, I have a new EP out today through Seattle based Self Center Records!  This EP was inspired by space exploration, and incorporates NASA audio samples in each track. 

"Like a great sci-fi novella, Lunar is both compact and epic at the same time, a grand adventure inspired by and including NASA sound samples with a wonderfully retro futuristic vibe richly constructed from layers of whooshing and oscillating synthesizers and propelled by a cinematic sense of narrative. In the space of these five tracks, Cocolas evokes both the wonder d haunting isolation of humankind’s tentative and intrepid explorations of the solar system." (Stationary Travels, 17 February 2017)

The EP is available for streaming and purchase via the Bandcamp Link below (click on the title 'Lunar' to be redirected to the BandCamp site):