"CASCADIA" out now through futuresequence

"9/10" - Norman Records

"...an absolute killer release... well worth checking out" - Fluid Radio

"a beautifully amorphous blend of ambient, experimental, electronic, and contemporary classical sound worlds" - Second Inversion

"...a gorgeous and beguiling collection of tracks built around pristine piano lines, tender melodies, and beautifully layered vocals of an ethereal nature..." - Stationary Travels

"...a remarkably consistent collection of unabashedly pretty electronic music, weaving together threads of electro-acoustic, neoclassical, and avant-garde into an ultimately cathartic whole..." - The Stranger

 Madeleine Cocolas is a New York City based composer and sound designer.   She released her debut album 'Cascadia' through UK label Futuresequence, and has released EPs "Lunar" and "SOS" through Seattle label Self Center Records. She has also released music through the labels Bigo & Twigetti and 1631 Recordings.

Madeleine has collaborated on numerous multidisciplinary projects including with choreographer Valeria Gonzalez ("SOS", 2017),  curator/designer Hayley Skurowski ("Curation", 2016), choreographer Angelica DeLashmette ("Being.", 2016), textile designer Monique Van Nieuwland ("Ocean Forest", 2015), choreographer Holly Cooper ("Una Soma", 2011), choreographer Jiang Xue ("White Glimpses", 2007 & 2008) and has licensed her music to the Adidas film 'Eiger Dreams'.  

 In 2015, she was commissioned to composer and perform a live score to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "The Birds" as part of the Northwest Film Forum "Puget Soundtrack" series.  

 Madeleine previously worked as a Music Supervisor, where she sourced and licensed music for a number of award winning Australian television programs, including the International Emmy-nominated shows 'Please Like Me' and 'Dance Academy'.  

She holds a Masters of Music Composition from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia. 

Madeleine is currently working on her album "Metropolitan", based on artwork from The Metropolitan Museum of Art.