“From concept to execution, Metropolitan is a captivating delight.” - Stationary Travels

Metropolitan is an ambitious and beautiful project” - Utility Fog 

“… a miraculous transformation of visual inspiration into a diverse and compelling collection of tracks, based off artworks housed in The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York” - Piano And Coffee

Madeleine Cocolas’s latest album Metropolitan is out now through Bigo & Twigetti.

Madeleine has released music through various international labels including Thesis Project, Salmon Universe, Futuresequence, Bigo & Twigetti, 1631 Recordings and Self Center Records and has collaborated with many artists including composer Michael Price (Erased Tapes), choreographer Valeria Gonzalez ("SOS", 2017 & 2018),  choreographer Angelica DeLashmette ("Being.", 2016, Converge Dance Festival 2018), curator/designer Hayley Skurowski ("Curation", 2016), textile designer Monique Van Nieuwland ("Ocean Forest", 2015), choreographer Holly Cooper ("Una Soma", 2011), choreographer Jiang Xue ("White Glimpses", 2007 & 2008).  

In 2015, she was commissioned to compose and perform a live score to Alfred Hitchcock's classic film "The Birds" as part of the Northwest Film Forum "Puget Soundtrack" series.  

Madeleine previously worked as a Music Supervisor, where she sourced and licensed music for a number of award winning Australian television programs, including the International Emmy-nominated shows 'Please Like Me' and 'Dance Academy'.  

She holds a Masters of Music Composition from the Queensland University of Technology in Australia.